Need help with WordPress websites in Edinburgh?

Need help with your WordPress website in or near Edinburgh? The WordPress experts at Peacock Carter Edinburgh offer their suggestions.

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by Peacock Carter Edinburgh.

Do you need help with your WordPress website in or near Edinburgh? Peacock Carter Edinburgh are here to help!

We have years of experience in using WordPress, from simple blogs and brochures to e-commerce websites with WooCommerce, as well as membership websites and forums. Here’s our guide to getting help for your WordPress website in Edinburgh and East Lothian.

1. Contact your plugin or theme developer

In our experience, most issues encountered on WordPress come down to issues with a theme or plugin, and if you’ve purchased these, you should be able to contact the original developer to ask for their help.

If you’re support agreement has ended, it may be worth renewing this, as it can be considerably cheaper than hiring an independent WordPress developer to fix your issues.

If you have used a free WordPress theme or plugin, try asking the WordPress community (see below) for help.

2. Ask the WordPress community online

If you’re struggling with your WordPress website, you can look outside of Edinburgh for help on the web: the first port of call we recommend is WordPress’ own support forums.

You may also find help using the #WordPress hashtag on Twitter, though you will also attract some spam accounts too!

3. Tag along to an Edinburgh WordPress meet-up

Physical meetings are not running at present due to coronavirus, but many WordPress meets are meeting online to discuss the latest news. These are a great place to ask for help and advice – and possibly find a WordPress developer for future needs.

Meet-ups are free to attend, and run by members of your local WordPress community, though be prepared to pay for developers’ time if your issue is likely to take a while to investigate and resolve.

Luckily, Edinburgh has its very own WordPress Meetup, WP Edinburgh. Head over their to page to see the latest events coming up!

4. Contact a WordPress agency

As a WordPress agency, we offer ongoing WordPress website support packages, as well as ad-hoc WordPress development. We also offer one on one WordPress training courses in Edinburgh (and virtually), if you’d like to improve your WordPress skills and manage your website yourself in the future, and ongoing WordPress website support packages for improvements to your website, as well as updates to WordPress too.

We can also help you with WordPress websites in Newcastle upon Tyne and Yorkshire, too.