A day out at the National Museum of Scotland

A break from building websites to spend a day in the lovely city of Edinburgh.

The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

by Peacock Carter Edinburgh.

When we’re not busy building air max bw websites and training clients in the likes of WordPress and Magento, we love to get out and about.

Our latest day out was The National Museum of Scotland, in the heart of Edinburgh. Museums can be a bit of a disappointment for a day out: they’re quite frequently not all that big, and are over and done with in a matter of an hour or so, but The National Museum of Scotland is huge!

There really is something for everyone at the museum, including:

  1. National World: there’s an expansive (over 3 spacious floors) exhibit on animals and the natural world, which is worth a visit alone
  2. Scotland: an extensive set of rooms on the air max bw history of Scotland: its geology, people and culture, all the way from Scotland’s beginnings at the equator (!) to the industrial revolution and modern Scotland. Our particular favourites are the famous Lewis chessmen: an (incomplete) chess set of 12th Century chess pieces carved from walrus ivory, each piece with its own distinct character, and the Scottish flag that’s been in to space!
  3. Discoveries: a series of galleries about science and technology, including Jackie Stewart’s winning F1 car
  4. The roof terrace, with stunning panoramic views over Edinburgh (see the photograph above)

So, was The National Museum of Scotland worth the trip? Definitely! Not only, as a national museum, is entry free, but there’s such a range of exhibits spread throughout beautiful buildings that everyone should be able to find something worthwhile.

Back to building websites, then!