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Need help with WordPress websites in Edinburgh?

by Peacock Carter Edinburgh.

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Do you need help with your WordPress website in or near Edinburgh? Peacock Carter Edinburgh are here to help!

We have years of experience in using WordPress, from simple blogs and brochures to e-commerce websites with WooCommerce, as well as membership websites and forums. Here’s our guide to getting help for your WordPress website in Edinburgh and East Lothian.

1. Contact your plugin or theme developer

In our experience, most issues encountered on WordPress come down to issues with a theme or plugin, and if you’ve purchased these, you should be able to contact the original developer to ask for their help.

If you’re support agreement has ended, it may be worth renewing this, as it can be considerably cheaper than hiring an independent WordPress developer to fix your issues.

If you have used a free WordPress theme or plugin, try asking the WordPress community (see below) for help.

2. Ask the WordPress community online

If you’re struggling with your WordPress website, you can look outside of Edinburgh for help on the web: the first port of call we recommend is WordPress’ own support forums.

You may also find help using the #WordPress hashtag on Twitter, though you will also attract some spam accounts too!

3. Tag along to an Edinburgh WordPress meet-up

Physical meetings are not running at present due to coronavirus, but many WordPress meets are meeting online to discuss the latest news. These are a great place to ask for help and advice – and possibly find a WordPress developer for future needs.

Meet-ups are free to attend, and run by members of your local WordPress community, though be prepared to pay for developers’ time if your issue is likely to take a while to investigate and resolve.

Luckily, Edinburgh has its very own WordPress Meetup, WP Edinburgh. Head over their to page to see the latest events coming up!

4. Contact a WordPress agency

As a WordPress agency, we offer ongoing WordPress website support packages, as well as ad-hoc WordPress development. We also offer one on one WordPress training courses in Edinburgh (and virtually), if you’d like to improve your WordPress skills and manage your website yourself in the future, and ongoing WordPress website support packages for improvements to your website, as well as updates to WordPress too.

We can also help you with WordPress websites in Newcastle upon Tyne and Yorkshire, too.

What’s new in Magento 2

by Peacock Carter Edinburgh.

Magento conference in Manchester - Mage Titans

For ecommerce store owners and merchants on the Magento platform, you may have already heard rumblings about the next version of Magento, Magento 2. Magento agency Peacock Carter Edinburgh take a look at what’s new in Magento 2.

For merchants, the launch of a new platform can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re settled and profitable on an existing version of Magento. This guide aims to introduce merchants to Magento 2, and also answer when – if at all – you need to upgrade your version of Magento.

What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 is the next version of Magento: most merchants these days will be running Magento Community 1.7, 1.8 or 1.9, or Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12, 1.13 or 1.14. It provides a new base for your ecommerce store(s).

Magento 2 applies to both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise Editions.

New features and improvements for Magento 2

Here is an overview of what’s new for Magento 2:

  • Better performance: Magento 2 is built to be faster than before, and full page cache, previously only available in Enterprise Edition, is now available in Magento Community, too.
  • Improved administration panel: Magento 2 has a revamped administration panel, which a much slicker look and improved louboutin schuhe product grid, with greater filter control over products. It’s also now touch-friendly, meaning you can more easily manage your store from devices such as iPads and iPhones
  • Better reporting: louboutin schuhe sales and order reporting has been vastly improved for Magento 2 – great for merchants!
  • New features every quarter: one announcement which has us excited is that of new features for Magento 2 every quarter. There’s also a greater

If you’d like more information on what’s new in Magento 2, check out what to expect in Magento 2 on our mothership’s blog!

When do you need to upgrade to Magento 2?

Whilst the first Magento 2 stores are already live, many of the extensions which proved so useful – and this popular – on Magento 1 are not yet ready for Magento 2. This likely means that a straight upgrade of your Magento store to Magento 2 is not a good idea at the moment, but will be worth starting to consider soon.

Magento 1 now has a three year lifespan (from December 2015) for long term support: after this time, Magento 1 versions for both Community and Enterprise Editions will no longer be supported by Magento, so security patches are unlikely to be issued for vulnerabilities after this point (December 2018). For merchants, this effectively means that you have 3 years to consider migration to Magento 2.

If you’d like our advice on migrating to Magento 2, please do contact us and talk to one of our Magento experts.



Responsive Magento websites? We wrote the book on that!

by Peacock Carter Edinburgh.

Ecommerce is huge these days, fitting an entire store at someones finger tips. Making shopping a quick and painless activity!

People enjoy the simplicity and convenience of online shopping whether it’s the planned weekly shop from the PC at home or a bit of indulgent shopping on the move via a mobile device.


One of the most popular ecommerce platforms around is Magento (owned, incidentally, by eBay, the world’s most popular online auction website company). The rise of responsive Magento websites to accommodate customers independent of how they’re accessing your online store fulfills your customers’ desires make it easy to order no matter how they’re viewing your website: a very obvious selling point for replica handbags online store operators!

The recent release of Magento Responsive Theme Design book provides a guide for other web designers and developers to follow to allow them to create the best possible responsive Magento website.

A day out at the National Museum of Scotland

by Peacock Carter Edinburgh.

The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

When we’re not busy building air max bw websites and training clients in the likes of WordPress and Magento, we love to get out and about.

Our latest day out was The National Museum of Scotland, in the heart of Edinburgh. Museums can be a bit of a disappointment for a day out: they’re quite frequently not all that big, and are over and done with in a matter of an hour or so, but The National Museum of Scotland is huge!

There really is something for everyone at the museum, including:

  1. National World: there’s an expansive (over 3 spacious floors) exhibit on animals and the natural world, which is worth a visit alone
  2. Scotland: an extensive set of rooms on the air max bw history of Scotland: its geology, people and culture, all the way from Scotland’s beginnings at the equator (!) to the industrial revolution and modern Scotland. Our particular favourites are the famous Lewis chessmen: an (incomplete) chess set of 12th Century chess pieces carved from walrus ivory, each piece with its own distinct character, and the Scottish flag that’s been in to space!
  3. Discoveries: a series of galleries about science and technology, including Jackie Stewart’s winning F1 car
  4. The roof terrace, with stunning panoramic views over Edinburgh (see the photograph above)

So, was The National Museum of Scotland worth the trip? Definitely! Not only, as a national museum, is entry free, but there’s such a range of exhibits spread throughout beautiful buildings that everyone should be able to find something worthwhile.

Back to building websites, then!

WordPress training course for Edinburgh University

by Peacock Carter Edinburgh.

Peacock Carter undertake training courses for a variety of software on a regular basis, from teaching new clients how to manage their website with WordPress to Magento, so when Edinburgh University requested a WordPress training course out of the ordinary, we were more than happy to help.Edinburgh University - WordPress training course

The GraphicsLab at Edinburgh University are a collection of professional graphic designers who support various departments through the university with their graphic design needs. They requested a HTML and CSS beginners’ course to get them up to speed on the latest web design industry techniques, followed by a WordPress training course to help them support their need to build content-managed websites on the WordPress platform requested by their own clients.

Across the course of multiple days, Richard provided workshop-style courses in the fundamentals of building web pages, followed by a more specific workshop to build their own custom WordPress themes based on their own web designs created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Website design for Scottish Justices Association

by Peacock Carter Edinburgh.

We’re pleased to have launched the new website for the Scottish Justices Association.

Scottsh Justices Association logo

The Scottish Justices Association was established in 2007 to represent the Justices of the Peace in Scotland (worth a read on Wikipedia if you’re interested in law), and the website caters for members of the public interested in the organisation as well as its 400+ membership.

Alongside a new website design and migration to the WordPress content management system that allows the client to easily add and manage their content and user base, Peacock Carter migrated the client’s old content to their new website.

3 reasons to love Magento

by Peacock Carter Edinburgh.

3 reasons to love Magento Commerce

We’re big fans of Magento, the open source ecommerce platform.

Peacock Carter having been working with Magento for years, and helping businesses of variable sizes get online and thrive with Magento has been a pleasure. So, here are 3 reasons to love Magento as much as we do!

1. Magento is incredibly flexible

From simple ecommerce to an extensive online store, Magento can cater to pretty much every need you may have for an ecommerce platform. This flexibility means that custom ecommerce website you’ve dreamed of is just around the corner.

Magento also has a mature “multi-store” system which allows you to manage multiple ecommerce stores through one control panel.

2. Magento is enterprise level ecommerce for the little guy

Magento is enterprise level ecommerce, but it’s not out of reach for smaller replica handbags businesses! Magento comes with many features that other software (such as WooCommerce, which we also work with) just don’t include or make hard to achieve, such as:

  1. one page checkout (great to get customers through your checkout as quickly as possible!)
  2. integration with a huge variety of payment gateways including PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay and more, meaning you can take payments from customers around the world
  3. Multi-store management system which allows you to run multiple ecommerce websites from a single control panel with ease

Magento has a few levels of service available and Magento Community Edition is free and available to use for all. With a Magento expert like us, you can harness all of the power of Magento for your replica handbags business; what’s not to love about that?

3. It has a proven track record

Some of the world’s biggest brands use Magento as a base for their ecommerce systems, so you know you’re in safe hands. Brands on Magento include:

  • Nike, the sportswear manufacturer
  • Paul Smith, the designer fashion label
  • Lindt, the chocolatiers

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and we can get your online store really going with Magento!